Our mission is to transform the lives of people in Europe by empowering young adults in the Netherlands through prayer, personal creativity and strategic partnerships to live for the service of others.

Yes, I would like to help Bless Holland

Bless is an international English-speaking ministry.
Bless Holland exists to fulfill the following purposes:


To PROMOTE among individuals and churches in the Netherlands the mission of The Bless Network, raising the profile of prayer and mission in Europe and of the urgent need to mobilise an emerging generation.


To COMMUNICATE with all those in the Netherlands who have expressed interest in Bless, offering a local flavour in addition to the news and information that comes from the wider Bless movement.


To RECRUIT, within the Netherlands, Partners and Participants for the ministry of Bless. Partners (all ages) are those who support the ministry in prayer and finance and carry its vision in their own circle of influence. Participants (mostly, but not exclusively young adults) are those who engage with Bless programmes, whether by travelling to Bethanie or by joining a Bless mission team. This includes weekend programmes, summer missions, internships and special events.


To DEVELOP within the Netherlands appropriate local expressions of the Bless ethos, whether in one-off events or longer-term initiatives.

In all four of these purposes, Bless Holland will be guided by the founding documents of the Bless Network and will connect with the Bless Team, based ata Bethanie, in France.